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12 Dec 2020

Nightwish – My Walden

Walden (first published in 1854 as Walden; or, Life in the Woods) is a book by American transcendentalist writer Henry David Thoreau

12 Jan 2020
Ein Lichtschein

Ein Lichtschein

Die Hoffnung, sie ist zurück In der Ferne das Glück So komme was kommen mag Wofür mein Leben bestimmt – Finsterforst – Gallery : Into The Forest

20 Oct 2018
The IXth Legion

The IXth Legion

Dark and pale lies the land. In the end truth or legend no one knows. Only the standing stones. I hear the sounds still echo. – Suidakra –

09 Jul 2018
I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetary

I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Our tree was full and green, I had to leave it. The sadness was overwhelming, to be alone beneath it. The sun came down hot and hard, I could never sleep. To disappear was the only way I could find relief. When I was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, alone and unceremoniously. – Woods Of Ypres – The Black Waltz

15 Jun 2018
Pendragon's Fall

Pendragon’s Fall

Strongest of his kind. Shattered by a fateful might. – Suidakra – Not Built To Last  

10 Oct 2015
Wintersun - Land Of Snow And Sorrow

Wintersun – Land Of Snow And Sorrow

Far away there´s a land of snow and sorrow. Time has made the frozen tears fall like rain from the starlit sky. And I feel so cold, I can´t make it tomorrow.

20 Jun 2015
Munarheim - Sehnsucht

Munarheim – Sehnsucht

Doch glaube mir, erst wenn ein Sturm sich erhebt, in dir bebt, wirst du spürn, dass du lebst !

21 Mar 2015
Battlelore - Horns Of Gondor

Battlelore – Horns Of Gondor

It was said in legend that if the Horn was blown anywhere within the bounds of ancient Gondor, its call would not pass unheeded …

30 Nov 2014
Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song

Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song

In my thoughts and in my dreams They’re always in my mind. These songs of hobbits, dwarves and men and elves. Come close your eyes. You can see them too.

29 Nov 2014
Blind Guardian - A Past And Future Secret

Blind Guardian – A Past And Future Secret

I feel cold when I cry out for the bark take him back to Avalon. Dwell on for a new age so long sleep well my friend.