by indeepsilence

Welcome to my own virtual place, a “kingdom” of my mind. Here you will find things I love, I fear, I think about and I care for. Mainly things I don’t want to share with the outside world. As you already guessed I’m an introvert person and that’s why I chose the synonym indeepsilence. Inspired by Nightwish’s “Deep Silent Complete”, it fits perfectly.

I’m passionate about photography and creating Youtube videos. A way to express. Because of the fact I don’t use a smartphone yet and maybe never will I always try to create the best possible quality. I enjoy to watch my own things on big screens with amplified sound. That’s what they are made for.

What more to say … Someone else did years ago :

… the title of the exhibition “In deep silence” is both theme and program for this selection of images. Hardly any of them would find their way into popular photo calendars to shine with colour variety or complacent idylls. In addition to the images which quote the relics of wars (such as castles, bunkers and the Westwall), the photos speak of lignite mines or monstrous blocks of flats and of violence and destruction that nature has to endure silently and defenseless. Almost nowhere a person or other living creatures, in which one could empathize. Exceptions are a child on an otherwise empty beach, a strange shadow on a wall, a raven or a bear behind bars.

They also show the being caught in loneliness, estrangement and speechlessness …

.. the black and white of the photographs, the often gloomy grey corresponds to the mood of the image selection; their overall presentation is anything but cheerful or optimistic. Where, nevertheless, once colour displayed, then only sparingly, calmly, nearly concealing itself … The desire is, however, that the exhibition visitors are exposed to similar “emotional journeys” and fall into thoughtfulness – nature and the environment, humans and humanity. The expressive photographs are not just pictures, but impart meaning. Philosophical aphorisms or lyrical songtexts accompany these images additionally.

Bernd Kersting † for the Winter exhibition of the Artehalle in Dezember 2012