10 Mar 2018

Nightwish – Dead Boy’s Poem (Live)

Teach me passion for I fear it’s gone. A lonely soul, an ocean soul. – Nightwish –

17 Feb 2018
Imagine trees could produce Wi-Fi. It would be the purest delusion. Everyone would plant, nurture and care for trees. There would be trees everywhere and everyone would like to have his own. One would plant with such tremendous speed and efficiency that soon there would be no more deforestation. One would even demolish buildings that take up unnecessary space. We would consider the trees sacred, something indispensable, something that everyone wanted to fight for. But it is not like that. Too bad that the trees only produce the air we need to breathe.
07 Jan 2018

In Mourning – A Vow To Conquer The Ocean

A haunted heart to leave it’s home and ride the waves. Sail away, mind made up to make a vow to conquer the ocean.

07 Jan 2018

Nightwish – High Hopes

This gem was hidden deep in my memory when it came back to my mind today to bring it here. As an unearthy mixture of two of my greatest passions, this piece is passion itself. It is from a time when Nightwish played covers on their concerts for Tarja to rest. Marco was quite new and I didn’t really know what to think of this rough and uncouth mountain of a man. But after listening to this song I admired […]

01 Jan 2018
For You To Know

For You To Know

Have I told you about the magpie, my only friend. Have you heard about the tears and the nights in the rain. And I want you to know, I want you by my side. I could have helped you find a way back into this world. If I ever face this world, we’ll be together. This is for you to know. This is for you to feel. – In Mourning –

31 Dec 2017
On New Year’s Eve the whole world celebrates the date changes - I hope someday we celebrate the date on which the world had changed.
07 Oct 2017
High Hopes

Pink Floyd / David Gilmour – High Hopes

From a dimension in which art consists of sound. Clear as a bell the silence is filled with sound. Over and over again. It is this one particular tone sequence that you have deeply in your heart. Which alone is enough to awaken indescribable memories and feelings. You lean back and start to smile. The singing. Your gaze lowers, your breath becomes deeper. You will notice how your heart throbs faster and your skin is shaken by shivering. You close […]

28 Sep 2017
Beauty Of The Beast

Beauty Of The Beast

You told I had the eyes of a wolf … search them and find the beauty of the beast. – Nightwish – Creatures

25 Sep 2017
Gardens Of Elysia

Gardens Of Elysia

From the gardens of Elysia someone put on me the darkest spell. Follow angels, trust in demons … Forever in heaven … forever down … down in hell. The Black Waltz

24 Sep 2017
The Forest That Weeps

The Forest That Weeps

I am the mist in the morning. I am the moss in the ground. You are the light that cuts through the stone. The night falls upon the forest that weeps. Father of shadows that forever sleeps.