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29 Aug 2015
Eloy - The Sun Song

Eloy – The Sun Song

This day’ll be grey, so take my advice and wait for the dawning wait for the rise of light tomorrow morning. Look for the highest place in space to rest and stay. You’ve got to chase the early rising sun next day.

15 Aug 2015
Pink Floyd - Echoes

Pink Floyd – Echoes Excerpt

And through the window in the wall come streaming in on sunlight wings – A million bright ambassadors of morning.

20 Jun 2015
Munarheim - Sehnsucht

Munarheim – Sehnsucht

Doch glaube mir, erst wenn ein Sturm sich erhebt, in dir bebt, wirst du spürn, dass du lebst !

21 Mar 2015
Battlelore - Horns Of Gondor

Battlelore – Horns Of Gondor

It was said in legend that if the Horn was blown anywhere within the bounds of ancient Gondor, its call would not pass unheeded …

18 Jan 2015
Eloy - End Of An Odyssey

Eloy – End Of An Odyssey

Welcome, my worldly friend, don’t rely on me as your guide. I will be of no help, when you stand the turn of the tide. It’s only to the individual’s force to escape the wheels of approaching deadly fate.

11 Jan 2015
In Flames - Trigger

In Flames – Trigger

From green to red our days pass by. Waiting for a sign to tell us why. Are we dancing all alone? Can you please tell me my name, I haven’t checked it today

29 Dec 2014
Ludovico Einaudi - Ascolta

Ludovico Einaudi – Ascolta

hören … hear … écouter … escuchar … hlusta …

01 Dec 2014
In Flames - My Sweet Shadow

In Flames – My Sweet Shadow

Fueled, these new shores burn, dark past lies cold. Shadow, my sweet shadow, to you I look no more.

30 Nov 2014
In Flames - The Quiet Place

In Flames – The Quiet Place

Everything’s in place. So much better from today. A king in my own mind.

30 Nov 2014
In Flames - Cloud Connected

In Flames – Cloud Connected

I’ve come to realize every little glimpse, you fade. I was told that I could fly when least expected, cloud connected.