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14 Feb 2020

Marianas Rest – Vestigial

I float through infinite void. Absorbed by all surrounding silence. Got lost here months ago. Mind scattered across the stars. Your words still haunt my thoughts.

09 Jul 2018
I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetary

I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Our tree was full and green, I had to leave it. The sadness was overwhelming, to be alone beneath it. The sun came down hot and hard, I could never sleep. To disappear was the only way I could find relief. When I was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, alone and unceremoniously. – Woods Of Ypres – The Black Waltz

12 May 2018
The Empty Skies

The Empty Skies

Murky demented eyes stare at the empty skies. Desperately searching for something. Something that once was there. – Swallow The Sun –

30 Apr 2018
Weather The Storm

Weather The Storm

And even if you crush my body. And drain it ’til the last drop. You can never touch my spirit. You can never touch my soul. – Insomnium –

30 Jul 2017
Doomed To Walk The Earth

Swallow The Sun – Doomed To Walk The Earth

I wander between two worlds. No one can see me. They just feel my cold breath behind their backs. No redemption for the lost souls. I am doomed to walk the earth. – Swallow The Sun –

20 Jul 2017
The Ruins Of Me

The Ruins Of Me

Take a walk among these ruins of me See my withheld despair There’s nothing left of me The ruins of me I am hollow Couldn’t light up the blackest sky In this world I am forlorn Couldn’t feel the warmth of the sun Deep down I’m dying inside – Shadecrown – The Black Waltz