Tag : Melodic Death Metal

14 Feb 2020

Marianas Rest – Vestigial

I float through infinite void. Absorbed by all surrounding silence. Got lost here months ago. Mind scattered across the stars. Your words still haunt my thoughts.

09 Feb 2020
09 Feb 2020

Countless Skies

Ageless stones eroding out Across the endless swell Songs to pave the seasons Countless skies above me Each unlike the next – Be’lakor –

25 Jan 2020

The Harmony Remains

And the peace shall tear me through the darkness in my heart So the world shall fear me like the silence in my heart – Mors Principium Est –

20 Jan 2020

Black Storm

Evoken by the singing wind forgotten sons forever sing – In Mourning –  

18 Jan 2020
15 Jan 2020

Where The Dead Ships Dwell

Walking where the dead ships dwell These are shores I left behind Streets were getting smaller and I had to leave – In Flames –

20 Oct 2018
The IXth Legion

The IXth Legion

Dark and pale lies the land. In the end truth or legend no one knows. Only the standing stones. I hear the sounds still echo. – Suidakra –

22 Jul 2018
A Vow To Conquer The Ocean VI

A Vow To Conquer The Ocean Pt.VI

A haunted heart to leave it’s home and ride the waves. Stars align to give guidance. Sail away under the darkening sky, as red turns to black, the night illuminates the path. Sail away, mind made up to make a vow to conquer the ocean. – In Mourning – A Vow To Conquer The Ocean

14 Jul 2018
Lords Of Bedlam

Lords Of Bedlam

As darkness dies this hour before encorcelled eyes. Visions of fate await the rogue of savage lands. The rabid ritual rests on saber, sword and ruin. Renounced companions of morning stars at dawn. – Hollenthon –