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01 Jul 2018
Wildfire Town - Population 0

Wildfire Town – Population 0

You are in a battle you´re not supposed to win. Still you run to your death, face it with a grin. Run home, kids, while you still have homes. “Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, perhaps it is time we control the population to allow the survival of the environment.” – Sonata Arctica – Not Built To Last

24 Jun 2018
At The Edge Of Time

At The Edge Of Time

In between the realms they’re gathered. And from the edge of time once they return. They will save us all. Now break through. That’s when the ancient gods return. They will return. – Blind Guardian –

15 Jun 2018
Ain't Your Fairytale

Ain’t Your Fairytale

I have always known the storm would come… Listen now, my young ones : This not a story I tell of midnight, moon and sun… Are you ready to walk the forbidden road ? Learn again what we tried to forget ? The dark can now take over you. – Sonata Arctica – Is There Anybody Out There ?

01 May 2018


Away, away in time. Every dream’s a journey away. Away to a home away from care. Everywhere’s just a journey away. – Nightwish –

10 Mar 2018

Nightwish – Dead Boy’s Poem (Live)

Teach me passion for I fear it’s gone. A lonely soul, an ocean soul. – Nightwish –

07 Jan 2018

Nightwish – High Hopes

This gem was hidden deep in my memory when it came back to my mind today to bring it here. As an unearthy mixture of two of my greatest passions, this piece is passion itself. It is from a time when Nightwish played covers on their concerts for Tarja to rest. Marco was quite new and I didn’t really know what to think of this rough and uncouth mountain of a man. But after listening to this song I admired […]

28 Sep 2017
Beauty Of The Beast

Beauty Of The Beast

You told I had the eyes of a wolf … search them and find the beauty of the beast. – Nightwish – Creatures

25 Sep 2017
Gardens Of Elysia

Gardens Of Elysia

From the gardens of Elysia someone put on me the darkest spell. Follow angels, trust in demons … Forever in heaven … forever down … down in hell. The Black Waltz

27 Jul 2017
Twilight Of The Gods

Twilight Of The Gods

Witness the twilight of the gods. Will they ever return ? A storm will take us. And then wipe us out. There’s no retreat. – Blind Guardian –

07 Jul 2017
Wheel Of Time

Wheel Of Time

Wheel of time Save my soul, find a way And if I fail, will it all be over? -Blind Guardian – The Black Waltz