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22 Oct 2016
Grell Und Dunkel Stroemt Das Leben

Grell Und Dunkel Strömt Das Leben

[Ich:] Was zieht her von welker Nacht? Ich bin es selbst und gebe Acht, daß niemand mich verstehen macht: Zwar meinen meine Sinne mich, doch treu sind sie auch dann nur sich, Ich nehme stets, was sie mir geben, denn bislang reicht’s zum Überleben. – Dornenreich –

17 Oct 2016
Into The New World

Into The New World

This is the end, this is the freedom call. Of men and elves, this is your final dawn. – Battlelore –

02 Oct 2016
Eclipse Of Mankind

Eclipse Of Mankind

We ignored the danger. All warnings left unheard. To return it’s too late. Bound to our fate. – Eloy –

01 Oct 2016

On The Verge Of Darkening Lights

Warming rays are shadowed by threatening clouds, while hissing winds create the oddest sounds. – Eloy –

24 Sep 2016

The Smoke Of Many Fires

What he could not have seen Was the sickness upstream; Those abandoned remains of the wasted What he could not have known Was the blight of the bone In each ebb and each flow he had tasted – Be’lakor – Gallery : Human

17 Sep 2016

Our Decades In The Sun

You have the heart of a true friend. One day we’ll meet on that shore again. – Nightwish –

28 Aug 2016

Empire Of The Clouds Pt.II

To ride the storm, to an empire of the cloud. – Iron Maiden – Empire Of The Clouds

02 Jul 2016

Songs From The North

Echoes from the past, nothing here will last But the songs from your journey You will bury with your heart. – Swallow The Sun –

02 Jul 2016
The Curse Of Feanor

The Curse Of Feanor

I will always remember their cries Like a shadow which covers the light I will always remember the time But it’s past I cannot turn back the time – Blind Guardian –

01 Jul 2016
Time Stands Still At The Iron Hill

Time Stands Still At The Iron Hill

Finally I’ve found myself in these lands. – Blind Guardian –