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19 Dec 2020

Eloy – Poseidon’s Creation

“Worlds atomize and oceans evaporate in eternity! man erects out of the darkness, laughs into the glimmering light and disappears…“

10 Jul 2018
Mighty Echoes

Mighty Echoes

Just take a pebble and cast it to the silent sea. What does happen ? Just have a thought, cry a word or pray a silent plea. Do you know what will happen ? Billows arise and our senses catch a proof of energy. Do we know laws of nature ? All what we feel or do echoes return from eternity. We’ll come to know our creator. We can’t stop the echoes. – Eloy –

01 Jul 2018
All Life Is One

All Life Is One

I am a part of the sun and the sky and the heavens above move where the rivers flow, fly with the breezes forever. And the earth and the sea and the hills and the trees they’re a part me. All life, all life, is one, is one. – Eloy –

02 Oct 2016
Eclipse Of Mankind

Eclipse Of Mankind

We ignored the danger. All warnings left unheard. To return it’s too late. Bound to our fate. – Eloy –

01 Oct 2016

On The Verge Of Darkening Lights

Warming rays are shadowed by threatening clouds, while hissing winds create the oddest sounds. – Eloy –

29 Aug 2015
Eloy - The Sun Song

Eloy – The Sun Song

This day’ll be grey, so take my advice and wait for the dawning wait for the rise of light tomorrow morning. Look for the highest place in space to rest and stay. You’ve got to chase the early rising sun next day.

18 Jan 2015
Eloy - End Of An Odyssey

Eloy – End Of An Odyssey

Welcome, my worldly friend, don’t rely on me as your guide. I will be of no help, when you stand the turn of the tide. It’s only to the individual’s force to escape the wheels of approaching deadly fate.

10 Sep 2014
Eloy - Gliding Into Light And Knowledge

Eloy – Gliding Into Light And Knowledge

Where are my arms I’m missing you, can see through you I’m missing pain and movement I’m gliding into light and knowledge across an everlasting pasture

16 Mar 2011
Eloy - Point Of No Return

Eloy – Point Of No Return

Wir konsumieren nicht – wir verschlingen We don’t consume – We swallow

30 Dec 2010
Eloy - Jeanne D'Arc

Eloy – Jeanne D’Arc

Light, you’re gliding into light with angels at your side. Embracing you so tight to shelter you from pain.