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15 Nov 2015
Imaginations From The Other Side

Imaginations From The Other Side

… there is another world … -Blind Guardian-

08 Nov 2015

My Walden

I do not wish to evade the world. Yet I will forever build my own. Forever build my own. Forever my home. – Nightwish –

01 Nov 2015

Of Forests Unknown

From a forest, unspoiled, unseen, I perceive A whispering summoning me To follow the path of no return. Step by step I walk this route nobody ever built Holding tight onto my shield and sword…. – Falkenbach –

17 Sep 2015

Under A Luminous Sky

Play the role of your holy God to destroy for beliefs. While these subsequent uprising continuing until present day. Under a luminous sky.  – Communic –

14 Sep 2015
Empire Of The Clouds Part I

Empire Of The Clouds Pt.I

To ride the storm, to an empire of the cloud. – Iron Maiden – Empire Of The Clouds