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30 Dec 2015
In Flames - Reroute To Remain

In Flames – Reroute To Remain

For years we wandered these circles. Hold onto whatever lie gets us through. There are mountains to cross. For all that are willing.

29 Dec 2015
Man Eats Earth

Man Eats Earth

We don’t consume – We swallow.

26 Dec 2015
And Then There Was Silence

And Then There Was Silence

Welcome to the end. Watch your step, Cassandra, you may fall. As I’ve stumbled on the field, sister mine, death’s a certain thing. Find myself in darkest places, find myself drifting away. And the other world, the other world appears … – Blind Guardian –

14 Dec 2015
Rock Island

Rock Island

Doesn’t everyone have their own Rock Island ? Their own little patch of sand ? Where the slow waves crawl and your angels fall and you find you can hardly stand. And just as you’re drowning, well, the tide goes down. And you’re back on your Rock Island. – Jethro Tull –  

13 Dec 2015
Into The Woods

Into The Woods

Lone footprints diverge from tree line. Autumn veils the sloughs with rime. Shell of quagmire. Yet too fragile to bear a man. – Insomnium –

08 Dec 2015


Fangorn Forest was a forest beneath the southeastern flank of the Misty Mountains. It was known for being the last habitation of the Ents and Huorns. It was named after the oldest Ent, Fangorn (Treebeard). It is also called Entwood by the Rohirrim.

06 Dec 2015

Signs Of Life

When the child like view of the world went, nothing replaced it…nothing replaced it…nothing replaced it… I do not like being asked to…..I do not like being asked… – Pink Floyd – Creatures

06 Dec 2015
Rick Wakeman - The Last Battle

Rick Wakeman – The Last Battle

About the year 1200 the monks of Glastonbury discovered the bones of Arthur buried near to those of Guinevere. Beneath the coffin, a stone inlaid with a leaden cross bore the latin inscription “Here lies King Arthur in his tomb with Guinevere his wife in the isle of Avalon”

05 Dec 2015
Wolfheart - Last Of All Winters

Wolfheart – Last Of All Winters

No distant voice in the air. Winds carry only silence. No roar from the north. A howl from afar. Last of all Winters. Came without a Fall. Cold aeon eternal.

30 Nov 2015
Ereb Altor - Midsommarblot

Ereb Altor – Midsommarblot

White landscapes in our memories. The cold hunger we have endured embracing the lukewarm winds. We hail our Gods we will prevail.