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10 Sep 2014
Eloy - Gliding Into Light And Knowledge

Eloy – Gliding Into Light And Knowledge

Where are my arms I’m missing you, can see through you I’m missing pain and movement I’m gliding into light and knowledge across an everlasting pasture

29 Aug 2014
Evanescence - My Last Breath

Evanescence – My Last Breath

Mensch: das einzige Lebewesen, das erröten kann. Es ist aber auch das einzige was Grund dazu hat. Man: the only living being that can blush, but it is also the only one that has a reason to do so.

29 Dec 2013
Nightwish - The Islander

Nightwish – The Islander

An old man by a seashore At the end of day Gazes the horizon With seawinds in his face

06 Sep 2012
Battlelore - Khazad-Dum

Battlelore – Khazad-Dum Pt.II Excerpt

Soon it’s over, the dwarfs defeated. The silence of the caverns stand still. Orcs took the command of the caves and depths. The darklord has reached his will.

07 Apr 2012
Nick Cave - By My Side

Nick Cave – To Be By Your Side

Across the oceans and across the seas, over forests of blackened trees. Through valleys so still we dare not breathe, to be by your side.

31 Oct 2011
Elane - Licht

Elane – Licht

Im Licht eines neuen Tages werde ich geh’n durch die Lande ziehen jenseits bekannter Pfade hier alleine mit Dir.

08 Oct 2011
Rawkfist - Keep Hope

Rawkfist – Keep Hope

… a rainbow made of snow …

08 Oct 2011
Lord Of The Rings - Helm's Deep

Lord Of The Rings – Helm’s Deep

Arise, arise, Riders of Theoden Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter ! Spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered, A sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises ! Ride now, ride now ! Ride to Gondor !

11 Sep 2011
16 Mar 2011
Eloy - Point Of No Return

Eloy – Point Of No Return

Wir konsumieren nicht – wir verschlingen We don’t consume – We swallow